Founded in 2012, METICULOUS is one of the social media management pioneers in Malaysia who has helped multiple international and domestic brands achieve marketing goals and strong recognition through effective social media management, campaigns and online advertising, while building and maintaining social presence and relationship with respective target consumers.

Like a “Swiss Army Knife”, we cover almost every aspect in social media — from social channel management and content planning & production, to marketing campaigns and online advertising. Playing the role of “social media ninjas”, we strive to accomplish all objectives and deliver results for our clients.
Commercial / Retail Clients
International Brands
Launches / Initiations


Here are some of the top international and domestic brands we’ve worked with.


It doesn't matter if you're an established global brand or a smaller local business. We've got you covered as our services will be customised to serve your specific requirements. The following services can be offered individually or packaged. Small Business Packages and Customised Global Brand Services are available. Need a recommendation or further information? Feel free to contact us!
Social Channel Management
  • Channel/Page monitoring and updating.
  • Content management — strategic scheduling and ideal posting time analysis.
  • Relationship management — customer service and selective interaction with posts/comments.
  • Strictly follow brand personality, tone of voice, guidelines and SOP.
  • Monthly summary reports on key metrics and highlights.
Social Media Content Planning & Production
  • Plan, write and create contents based on marketing plans and objectives.
  • Redesign visual materials into quality contents to effectively engage and communicate message to followers and target audiences on social media and ads. Guidelines and terms of social media and ad platforms are strictly followed to ensure optimal ads reach.
  • General social photography/videography service and stock photos are available if necessary to source for content materials.
Online Advertising
  • Reach out and communicate your message to thousands and millions of your target consumers online.
  • Target specific user demographics such as age, gender, location, language, interests and more.
  • Create, optimise and manage online ads for best results;

    – Facebook Ads
    – Instagram Ads
    – YouTube Ads
    – Twitter Ads
    – Google Search Ads
    – Google Display Ads
    – Linkedin Ads
  • Increase quality followers on social media channels of brands.
Social Media Marketing Campaigns (ad-hoc)
  • Development, execution and management of social media campaigns for marketing promotions and contests;

    – Contents
    – Mechanics and terms
    – Online Ads
    – Micro-site
    – Data-mining
    – Winners selection
    – Influencers engagement
    – Post-campaign report
  • Strategically plan and synchronise offline activities to the social media of brands.
  • Create mass awareness and buzz while connecting effectively with target consumers.
Social Media Consultancy
  • Evaluate social media channel analytics, performance and activities.
  • Study objectives and recommend best solutions to achieve goals and improve practices.
  • Advise on social media implementation, strategy, contents, campaigns, objectives, workflow and risk/crisis management.
  • HR support — assistance in the process of employing social media managers and executives.
  • Training in social media (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter) and online advertising (Facebook Ads, Google Ads).

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