social media swiss army knifeYour search for genuine social media solutions is over.

Founded in 2012, METICULOUS is one of the social media management pioneers in Malaysia who has helped multiple international and local brands achieve marketing goals and strong recognition through effective social media management, campaigns and online advertising, while building and maintaining social presence and relationship with respective target consumers.

Like a “Swiss Army Knife”, we cover almost every aspect in social media — from social channel management and content planning & production, to marketing campaigns and online advertising. Playing the role of “social media ninjas”, we strive to accomplish all objectives and deliver results for our clients.

tony-bw2TONY TEH
Managing Director
Social Media Consultant

Before being awarded the Degree of BA (Hons) in Business Management by University of Sunderland UK, Tony was a customer service representative at an online game company for 2 years while completing his education. After graduation, he moved on to work with mobile and digital solution organisations where he discovered that social media was still a huge question mark to many local companies and businesses, and that was when the idea of Meticulous was born, to provide services and solutions that could assist companies and brands to go social in Malaysia.

Content Director

After leaving the Malaysian Institute of Art, Pei Yi worked as a fine artist and an illustrator before venturing into her own art businesses. With the various skills and experience to offer, she landed herself a role in business development and social content design during the early stages of Meticulous in 2012 and becomes one of the keys to the success of the agency.