As a one-stop social media agency, we provide full social media management consisting of the following services. These services are also offered individually for ad-hoc or long-term retainer basis.


Social Media Channel Management

(Also known as Community Management, Facebook Page Management, etc.)

  • Channel monitoring and updating.
  • Content management – strategic posting and ideal posting time analysis.
  • Relationship management – customer service and selective interaction on posts/comments.
  • Brand and channel risk management.
  • Monthly summary reports on key metrics and highlights.


Social Media Content Planning & Production

  • Create and source exclusive top quality images and informative copies that will effectively engage followers and target audience on social media platforms.
  • Guidelines and terms of the social media platforms are followed to ensure advertisability.
  • General photography service and stock photos are available if necessary (for companies that are lacking of visual materials from the global management of the brand).


Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Social Media Girl

  • Strategically plan and synchronise marketing campaigns, promotions and contests to the social media of brands.
  • Development, execution and management of campaigns (e.g.; mechanics and terms, social media contents, micro-site, online ads, blogger engagement, data mining, winner selection, post-campaign report).
  • Create mass awareness and buzz while connecting effectively with target consumers.


Digital Online Advertising

  • Design, optimise, place and publish advertisements on platforms such as Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, YouTube Ads and websites that serve Google Ads.
  • Reach out to thousands and millions of your target consumers online.
  • Increase quality followers on social media channels of brands.


Social Media Consultancy

  • Social media advisory — Implementation, strategies, contents, campaigns, objectives, workflow and risk/crisis management
  • Analytic reports auditing
  • HR Support — Assistance in the process of employing social media managers and executives
  • Basic training for social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter)